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Software Update

Version 2.0 brings on a huge addition to Voyager Pro's capabilities: Load custom GeoPDF maps directly into Voyager Pro.


Find GeoPDF files around the internet (or make your own) and import them to Voyager Pro using the MicroSD card. Voyager Pro will handle the conversion, warping the GeoPDF to fit perfectly on the Voyager Pro map screen.


Click here for more info!

*Please Save GPX Tracks to MicroSD to Avoid Data Loss During Update*

  • MicroSD Card MUST be formatted as EXFat to update Software on Voyager Pro
  • Group Ride "Buddy Tracking" will not work with Previous Version of Software; all users in group must update to at least version (VH1931B).

By downloading, you agree to the terms and conditions. Software change log

UPDATE Process


A map data update can change the map for different regions or parts of the world. Maps are very large and detailed, so the whole world cannot be loaded all at once. The data can include specialized layers like hill shading, topo-lines, etc.

NOTE: These Maps are available for Voyager Pro ONLY

Maps Available for Download:

USA (Lower 48) | Alaska & Hawaii Only
Mexico & Central America
Northern South America | Southern South America
Western & Central Europe | Northern & Eastern Europe
Northern Aftrica | Southern Africa
Australia & New Zealand
South East Asia | South West Asia/India


GPX editing tools allow you to research, plan, upload, and export GPX waypoints, tracks and routes. These tools are great resources for planning your next adventure from the comfort of your own home. Export your GPX files to MicroSD, insert/import files into Voyager Pro or Voyager and have fun.

Recommended GPX Map Editors:


As a valued customer we provide Voyager Pro and Voyager software updates for free! Our development team is always striving to further innovate with new features and increased performance of our premium GPS systems. To be notified of software releases you can sign up below and get the most out of your Voyager or Voyager Pro: