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VOYAGER PRO v1.3  (4/21/20) 
1.	Route to Buddy Beacon Rider
2.	Input Lat/Long Waypoint
3.	Various Bug Fixes

VOYAGER PRO v1.2 (8/12/19)
1.	Added auto-hide option for menu bar
2.	Added track direction arrows
3.	Aligned buddy color scheme with Ride Command Group Ride
4.	Buddy beacon improvements
5.	Fixed issues related to loading Africa maps
6.	Fixed display issue with long waypoint names
7.	Reorganized map and cleaned up menus
8.	Simplified virutal keyboard
9.	Update color picker
10.	Upgraded V2V protocol to make compatible with MY20 Ride Command Group Ride

VOYAGER PRO v1.1 (9/4/18)
1.	Tach sensitivity setting added to vehicle profile settings, adjust to troubleshoot erratic tach readings
2.	The embedded User's Guide is updated with even more helpful notes, photos and information
3.	The phone will automatically re-connect if the Bluetooth connection was broken
4.	Phones with "iPhone" in the name can now play music via Bluetooth
5.	File explorer is now case-insensitive for file extensions
6.	GPX file export now reports Engine Temp, Ambient Temp, Wheel Speed, and Tachometer more accurately
7.	Engine Temperature and Tach PPR readings are handled more accurately
8.	Wheel speed wake detection will now allow Voyager Pro to enter sleep mode
9.	Can now enter sleep mode or power down more accurately when connected to external power source
10.	A message screen appears when shutting down due to low battery voltage
11.	Software updates require 50% or higher internal battery charge level
12.	On the first boot after a software update, a message screen appears to notify that the update is completing
13.	Failed software updates can now be recovered

VOYAGER PRO v1.0 (4/1/18)
1.	Initial Release