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Voyager Pro Kit - KTM 19-20/ADV/MX/ATV


Voyager Pro is one of the greatest accessories for your adventures! Vivid Topo maps, live Buddy Tracking, cell phone integration, on-board intercom, live vehicle sensors and more. All these features help you confidently adventure near and far.

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screen 1 Cluster Screen
Valuable Dashboard Gauges
Get speed from the GPS or the wheel sensor. Displays speed, temperature, distance, elevation and voltage.
screen 2 Tachbar Screen
"Everybody loves the tach graph!"
The tach screen is dominated by a large animated tachometer bar graph. It also displays ambient temperature, trip distance and current speed.
screen 3 Map Screen
GPS Maps with Buddy Tracking*
Color maps with topo and hillshading. Supports tracks, routes, waypoints. Plan and record entire trail systems. *Patent pending.
screen 5 Media Screen
Bluetooth Interaction
You can control the song playing on your phone or SD card, change headset volume levels and access phone dialing, call history and messaging features. Compatible with Bluetooth headphones or headsets such as Lexin, Cardo and Sena.

screen 4 User Screen
Choose Your Own Gauges
The user screen is customizable. You can choose up to 6 gauge readouts from a long list of options. Select fewer gauges to make the remaining readouts larger.
screen 6 Stopwatch Screen
Simple Lap Timer
Tap the large circle to begin counting. Tap it again to take note of the first lap off to the side and start timing a new lap.
screen 7 Satellite Screen
GPS Satellites in Range
The satellite screen displays a graph of the sky and visible GPS satellites in orbit. The graph to the side shows the relative signal strength of each satellite.
screen 8 Settings Menu
Detailed Settings and User Guide
The Settings Menu is where Voyager Pro is customized to your needs. You can access the settings menu from the main screens by pressing the menu button.

Trail Tech Voyager Pro, the Connected Rider’s GPS. A premium GPS for Powersports.

The map screen is enabled with base maps, topography lines, hill shading, and some trails. Record or load GPX trails and riding areas, and transfer to a PC using the MicroSD card. Voyager Pro comes loaded with North American maps, but other map regions can be downloaded for free.

Amongst the major features is Buddy Tracking. Buddy Tracking uses localized radio signals and can support up to 20 riders in a single group. View members of your ride group on the map screen in real time, increase your following distances, and use the buddy beacon to summon your buddies. Cell reception is not required.

Voyager Pro is Bluetooth enabled for intercom, phone and media controls. Play songs from your phone or MicroSD card using a Bluetooth headset, speaker, or intercom. Two phones and two headsets can be connected at the same time.

The 4” glove friendly color touchscreen TFT display is visible in all conditions, including direct sunlight. Sealed and rated IP67 for anti-dust/water intrusion, it’s built to withstand the harshest elements that come with extreme riding conditions. The mounting dock hard mounts to the dashboard, can be locked, and allows for quick removal of Voyager Pro from the machine. The dock utilizes the AMPs hole pattern, and is compatible with the full line of RAM brand mounts or Trail Tech mounting hardware.

Voyager Pro integrates with your vehicle using standard Trail Tech vehicle sensors, providing vital ride data such as engine temperature, RPM, battery voltage, speed/distance and more.

At 5.6 x 3.5 inches, Voyager Pro still fits on dirt bike dashboards, but is big enough to use on adventure bikes and UTVs. Voyager Pro’s mapping abilities and buddy tracking make it the premium choice for off-road riders.

12V DC power required, make sure your vehicle has a battery.

In the Box