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7" Race Light
Ride until the sun comes up
Introducing our NEW universal fork mounted, low power draw, waterproof (IP67 certified), high output, 7" LED Race Light.

The triple-diode design packs 3 LED beams that light up the night with a tight, medium-sized hotspot. It only draws 27 watts of power while throwing down a retina-scorching 4700 lumens. The beam is more spot than flood, needed for keeping up your speed when it’s dark out. The 7” LED Headlight really throws light down-trail, you can’t out-run the far-reaching light even at high speed.

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Universal Fitment
Easy Installation
Mounts directly to fork tubes using four clamps for quick installation / removal. Wire harness included for simple connectivity. The black anodized aluminum frame provides a rugged look with extreme durability.
Beam Projection
Long Range, Medium Hotspot
The 7" reflector focuses the light deep into the night, allowing you to maintain higher speeds without outrunning the light. Three LED diodes combine for maximum projection.
Certified IP67
Our ride testing (and bike cleanings) show an extremely high resistance to water intrusion. Internal fog on the reflector can reduce beam projection, making it something to be concerned about. That's why the 7" is tightly sealed against the elements.
  • Mounting
7" LED Race light
Built with the Ideals of Performance and Ruggedness
  • Mounting
  • Decal Stickers
  • Universal - Mounts Easily to Forks of Any Off-Road Motorcycle
  • Uses four hose clamps to secure to forks
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Racing Beam
Far and Wide
The 7" LED Headlight's beam has a tight, medium sized hotspot. It shoots far ahead and cannot be outrun even at high speed.
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Push Button Switch
Rider's Convenience
A small black push button is included in the 7" headlight. The plate the button is mounted on is flat and provides a great surface for mounting other things, like a gauge or more switches.
7" Motorcycle Race light
4700 Lumens of Retina Scorching Performance
Anodized Cable Guide
This optional accessory holds the brake cable and wheel sensor cable away from race light. Reduces the line rubbing that normally occurs when the forks compress.