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Voyager Pro
The Connected Rider's GPS
The next evolution of Trail Tech's most popular off-road GPS.
Featuring patent pending Buddy Tracking*, Bluetooth for phone and media connection, 4" color touchscreen, and full vehicle integration. See the data that matters most to you.

*Ride group visible on map. Cellular service not required.

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Patent Pending
• Increase ride distance between you and your buddies
• Map View "Buddy Mode" keeps buddies on screen
• Buddy Beacon summons your buddies with the push of a button
• "Buddy Destination" draws a line between you and your buddy
Cellular Service Not Required
• Pre-loaded topo maps
• Buddy tracking
• Emergency beacon
• Glove-friendly 4” touch screen
Phone and Headset Pairing
• Media playback
• Phone call & message notifications
• Intercom communication
Vehicle Data at Your Fingertips
• Tachbar & gauge cluster screens
• Vehicle sensors & GPS data
• Configurable user screen
• Lap timer
• IP67 Rated
  • Tracks & Waypoints
Map Screen
The map screen is the focal point of the Voyager Pro GPS, giving you the features you need to master your adventure. Keep Voyager Pro Maps up to date and local to your riding region.
  • Tracks & Waypoints
  • Buddy Tracking
  • Mini-Menu
  • Record Tracks
  • GPX File Import and Export
  • Drop Customized Waypoints
  • Set Waypoints as Destination
  • Personalize Map Layer Colors
  • Plan & Record Entire Trail Systems
screen 1
Cluster Screen
Valuable Dashboard Gauges
Get speed from the GPS or the wheel sensor. Displays speed, temperature, distance, elevation and voltage.
screen 2
Tachbar Screen
"Everybody loves the tach graph!"
The tach screen is dominated by a large animated tachometer bar graph. It also displays ambient temperature, trip distance and current speed.
screen 3
Map Screen
GPS Maps with Buddy Tracking*
Color maps with topo and hillshading. Supports tracks, routes, waypoints. Plan and record entire trail systems. *Patent pending.
screen 4
User Screen
Choose Your Own Gauges
The user screen is customizable. You can choose up to 6 gauge readouts from a long list of options. Select fewer gauges to make the remaining readouts larger.
screen 5
Media Screen
Bluetooth Phone and Headset Interaction
You can control the song playing on your phone, change headset volume levels, change the music source, and access phone dialing, call history and messaging features. Compatible with Sena headsets.
screen 6
Stopwatch Screen
Simple Lap Timer
Tap the large circle to begin counting. Tap it again to take note of the first lap off to the side and start timing a new lap.
screen 7
Satellite Screen
GPS Satellites in Range
The satellite screen displays a graph of the sky and visible GPS satellites in orbit. The graph to the side shows the relative signal strength of each satellite.
screen 8
Settings Menu
Detailed Settings and User Guide
The Settings Menu is where Voyager Pro is customized to your needs. You can access the settings menu from the main screens by pressing the menu button.
Get in. Edit GPX. Get out. Draw map trails for upload to Voyager Pro.
Voyager Pro Accessories
Protectors, Indicator Dash, Vehicle Sensors, GPS Antennas, and alternate Power Cables will help you get the most adventure out of Voyager Pro.
Voyager Pro Mounting
Voyager Pro is compatible with the popular RAM mounting systems.