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Voyager GPS
The Trail Riders GPS
From accessory to necessity! The Voyager GPS is designed specifically to meet the needs of off-road enthusiasts. With Voyager GPS you can download, record, and share maps with ease, all while monitoring vital engine data. The 2.7” TFT Transflective Backlit Display is ideal for viewing in any environment and gets easier to read in direct sunlight. Never get lost again with the Trail Tech Voyager GPS on board.

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Map, Navigation, Temperature, Altitude, and Satellite Screens
The Voyager GPS is designed with the Motorcycle, ATV, UTV, and Snow enthusiasts in mind. This rugged off-road GPS holds up in the harshest of terrains. The Voyager GPS provides users peace of mind on any ride with clear tracks & routes and key vehicle data points. Get out and enjoy your adventure!
High Visibility Screen
For Off-Road Use
The brighter the sunlight, the easier the screen is to read, not like regular screens that go invisible under very bright light. At night, Voyager is equipped with a bright backlight to light up the screen. Mount to a flat surface, or use the included plastic handlebar mounting hardware.
Vehicle Integration
GPS and Vehicle Sensors
Voyager users a combination of GPS and vehicle sensors to gather the most accurate ride data. Kits come with wheel, temperature, power and tach sensors that are added to the vehicle.
  • Screen 1
Main Voyager Screens
Choose from one of three main screens to set as the default home screen:
  • Screen 1
  • Screen 2
  • Screen 3
  • Speed
  • Clock
  • Ambient temperature
  • Compass
  • Altitude
  • Trip distance
  • Engine temperature
screen 1
Map Screen
Get Where You Want to Go with Your Tracks, Routes, and Waypoints Displayed
Quickly view points of interest, tracks, and routes. With two map screens you can quickly and easily zoom in and out as needed.
screen 2
Temperature Screen
Display Critical Temperature Data, Including Current, Average, and Maximum Engine Temperature During Your Ride
Keep a close eye on your engine temperature when recording tracks. This screen displays current, maximum, and average engine temperature.
screen 3
Altitude Screen
Track Your Climb as You Ride with Comprehensive Altitude Stats
Want to see how many vertical feet you climbed during your ride? View current, maximum, and minimum altitudes when logging data.
screen 4
User Screen(s)
The Data You Want Most at Your Fingertips
Customize your own dashboard with exactly the information you want to see. Choose up to 12 types of data from a list of over 35 options to create a personalized display.
screen 5
Navigation Screen
Locate and Maintain Your Precise Location to Ensure Best Riding Experience
Keep your eyes on the trail and trust the navigation screen will point you in the right direction. This screen displays speed, trip distance, compass, and stop watch.
screen 6
Satellite Screen
The Latest in Satellite Technology Keeping You on the Trail
Look up at the sky and you will see numerous satellites that are assisting in keeping you headed in the right direction. You can also view your latitude and longitude coordinates.
The Trail Rider's GPS
Motorcycle - UTV - ATV - Snow
Voyager Accessories
Accessorize your Voyager digital gauge with the perfect mount and protector combo.
Voyager Sensors
Find temperature sensors, tach sensors, power wires, and extensions.