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The Vapor speedometer/tachometer is a popular choice for both on and off-road enthusiasts. Replace your factory gauge or add the Vapor Gauge to your custom bike build. Vapor's large digital tachometer bar graph is easy to read and the programmable LED lights will blink letting you know exactly when to shift gears. Dump that clunky analog gauge and step up to a Vapor today!

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Speedometer & Tachometer
Stay Informed
The Vapor Digital Gauge is designed for both on and off-road Powersports enthusiasts. With a clean mechanical design, smart user interface, and simple installation, the Vapor provides you the information you need to enjoy every ride. Get informed today!
Vehicle Sensors
Physical Sensors
Vapor's sensors are hard wired to the vehicle for precision readings. Depending on your model, we choose the best sensors that will mount most cleanly for our model-specific kits.
Gauge Protection
A snap-on indicator light dashboard is available with a variety of light-up indicator icons, with an L-bracket for mounting. Or, get a premium aluminum protector. Plastic handlebar mounting hardware is included in each kit, but an aluminum mount can add ruggedness and place it in a better viewing position.
  • Screen 1
The Vapor features LED Backlit Multi-Screen Display
Choose from one of three main screens to set as the default home screen:
  • Screen 1
  • Screen 2
  • Screen 3
  • Speed
  • Tachometer Bar Graph
  • Trip Distance Clock
  • Ambient Air Temperature
  • Engine Temperature
Vapor Digital Gauge
Speedometer and Tachometer in One Package
Vapor Accessories
Accessorize your Vapor digital gauge with the perfect mount and protector combo.
Vapor Sensors
Find temperature sensors, tach sensors, power wires, and extensions.