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Knowledge is Power
Don't get stuck on the trail not knowing if your vehicle will be able to start again. The Striker Digital Gauge with Speedometer and Volt Meter displays your vehicle’s battery voltage and has programmable LED indicator lights to warn you when the charging system is overwhelmed. The Striker Digital Gage with Speedometer and Volt Meter is the perfect choice for electric start vehicles or any Powersports rider who wants to run multiple accessories.

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Know Your Electrical System
Maintain Environmental Awareness
Striker monitors vehicle voltage allowing you to know what’s going on at all times. The more accessories you use, the higher risk of draining your vehicle battery. You will be prepared if your system starts behaving irregularly.
Knowledge is Power
For Electric Start Vehicles
Striker is a must have for anyone with electric start. Embedded warning lights at the top of Striker are programmable to alert you when the charging system is in danger.
Vehicle Sensors
Model-Specific Installation
Striker's data comes from physical sensors that are connected to you vehicle. Because Trail Tech kits are model-specific, you will have the best chance at a successful and useful installation.
  • Screen 1
Multi-Screen Digital Gauge Speedometer Featuring Volt Meter with Indicator Warning Lights
Choose from one of three main screens:
  • Screen 1
  • Screen 2
  • Screen 3
  • Speed
  • Trip distance
  • Clock
  • Battery voltage
  • Engine temperature
  • Stop watch
  • Clock
Voltage, Speed, Distance and Temperature
Striker Accessories
Accessorize your Striker digital gauge with the perfect mount and protector combo.
Striker Sensors
Find temperature sensors, tach sensors, power wires, and extensions.