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More Power for Lights
Add some ZAP to your BRAAAP with a high output Trail Tech stator! Trail Tech stators drastically increase the stock electrical output and convert the bike’s electrical system over to full DC. This allows you to run all types of lighting or other accessories that require DC power. Each model-specific kit is plug and play, which makes stator installation a breeze!

Shop Stators
Electrical System Kits
Trail Tech stators work with flywheels, regulators and batteries to form complete electrical systems. Working together, they can increase the overall power output of the electrical system. Take a look at the complete electrical systems that install and work with model-specific precision.
Custom Wound
From the Ground Up
Trail Tech stators are made from the ground up with with custom built cores and wrapped with high end copper wire. Thick sheathing and OEM interfacing connectors provide quality and easy installation.
Increase Power Output
Complete model-specific kits increase power output significantly. Most kits are plug and play replacements, no cutting or splicing required. Electrical Systems are compatible with Trail Tech lights of equal or lesser power.
  • Model-Specific Kits
High Output Electrical Systems
Factory Inspired Design
  • Model-Specific Kits
  • Full Electrical Systems
  • Trail Tech stators fit with precision directly in the factory side case
  • Produces more power for lights than the factory stator
  • Complete with OEM connectors, so no cutting or splicing is required
High Performance Stators
More Power for Lights
Performance Flywheels
Pairing a balanced flywheel with a lighting stator can significantly increase the power output of the bike.
Electrical Accessories
Find light switches, batteries, and pre-made wire harnesses to fill out your electrical system. The Trail Tech crimp kit produces professional quality wire connections.