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Digital Gauges Instructions
Voyager Pro
010-ELV-192: Voyager Pro Quick Start Guide
9200-MANUAL: Voyager Pro User's Manual
9200-MANUAL: Voyager Pro User's Manual (Download as Word Document)
010-ELV-194: Voyager Quick Start Guide
9000-MANUAL: Voyager User's Manual
010-ELV-195: Vapor Quick Start Guide
7000-MANUAL_: Vapor User's Manual
7110-MANUAL: Striker User's Manual
010-ELV-196: Striker Quick Start Guide
Endurance II
2000-MANUAL: Endurance II User's Manual
010-ELV-197: Endurance II Quick Start Guide
010-ELV-189: Surface TTO (with Temperature Sensors)
010-ELV-187: Surface TTO (with Voltage Sensors)
010-ELV-181: Surface TTO (with Tach-Hour Sensors)
010-ELV-156: Panel TTO (with Volt Sensors)
010-ELV-157: Panel TTO (with Tach-Hour Sensors)
010-ELV-178: Panel TTO (Fan Kit TTO OEM Upgrade)
010-ELV-154: TTO Temperature Manual
Wheel Sensors
010-ELV-199: Wheel Sensors Setup
Special Temperature Sensor Installs
010-ELV-10: Head Temperature Sensor Installation Guide
010-ELV-158: Radiator Fin Sensor Installation Guide
Special Tach Sensor Installs
010-ELV-138: Vapor Tach Lead Installation Guide
010-ELV-303: Vapor Low-voltage Tach Sensor Installation
Digital Gauge Extras
010-ELV-127: Voyager AC Adapter / Wall Charger
010-ELV-118: Voyager GPS External Antenna Installation Guide
010-ELV-20: PDA Indicator Light Dashboard Wiring Guide
Hard Parts Instructions
Radiator Guards
010-ELV-175: Radiator Guards (for 0150-RB02 and 0150-RB03 kits)
010-ELV-184: Radiator Guards (for 0151-RB02 and 0151-RB03 kits)
Fan Kits
010-ELV-146: Fan Kit (for KTM)
010-ELV-148: Fan Kit (for Honda 450X/250X)
010-ELV-163: Fan Kit OEM Upgrade (for KTM 690)
010-ELV-164: Fan Kit (for KTM pre-2008)
010-ELV-168: Fan Kit (for Yamaha YZ250/YZ450)
010-ELV-169: Fan Kit OEM Upgrade (for KTM)
010-ELV-170: Fan Kit (for Universal Applications)
010-ELV-173: Fan Kit (For Yamaha WR450F 2012-2015)
010-ELV-190: Fan Kit (for CRF450R/RX 2017)
010-ELV-193: Fan Kit (Gas Gas / Beta)
010-ELV-198: Fan Kit (Honda 250L / Rally)
010-ELV-25: Kickstand Instructions
010-ELV-133: Kickstand (for 5400 kits)
010-ELV-134: Kickstand (for 5001, 5011, and 5100 kits)
010-ELV-135: Kickstand (for 5103, 5104, 5105 and 5106 kits)
010-ELV-136: Kickstand (for 5002, 5201 and 5202 kits)
010-ELV-137: Kickstand (for 5203 and 5204 kits)
010-ELV-149: Kickstand (for 5013 and 5301 kits)
010-ELV-150: Kickstand (for 5401 and 5402 kits)
010-ELV-151: Kickstand (for 5501 and 5502 kits)
010-ELV-161: Kickstand (for KTM 5302 kits)
010-ELV-166: Kickstand (for KTM 5310 kits)
Exhaust Flange Protector
010-ELV-69: KTM Exhaust Flange Protector Installation
Bar Clamps
010-ELV-172: KTM Bar Clamp
Chainsaw Mount
010-ELV-183: Chainsaw Mount Securing Strap
010-ELV-30: Flywheel (for 6140, 6141, 8200 and 8201 kits)
010-ELV-31: Kawasuki Flywheels
010-ELV-32: Flywheel (for KTM 2stk)
010-ELV-33: Flywheel (for 6300 and 8310A kits)
010-ELV-34: Flywheel (for KTM 4stk)
010-ELV-35: KTM SXF Flywheels
010-ELV-36: Flywheel (for Honda TRX)
010-ELV-37: Yamaha YFZ-WR Flywheels
010-ELV-38: Yamaha YZ Flywheels
010-ELV-64: Flywheel (for 6171 kits)
010-ELV-65: Flywheel (for 6142 kits)
010-ELV-66: Flywheel (for 6170, 8250A, 8251A, 8252A and 8253A kits)
010-ELV-43: KTM S-8311, S-8312
010-ELV-44: Stators (for 8310, 8310A, and 8312 kits)
010-ELV-45: Stators (for 8313 kits)
010-ELV-46: Stators (for 8300, 8310, 8313, and 8360 kits)
010-ELV-48: Stators (for 8302, 8312 kits)
010-ELV-59: Honda S-8200, S-8200-05, S-8201-05
010-ELV-51: Honda S-8202-05
010-ELV-61: Honda S-8250-05, S-8252-05
010-ELV-62: Honda S-8203-05, S-8203A/B
010-ELV-63: Honda S-8251-05, S-8251
010-ELV-122: Honda SR-8260, SR-8261
010-ELV-57: Yamaha S-8500-05
010-ELV-58: Yamaha S-8501-05
010-ELV-50: Stators (for 8200, 8201 and 8203 kits)
010-ELV-91: KTM Stub Connector Wiring
Electrical Accessory Instructions
Map Switches
010-ELV-104: Ignition Map Switch Installation (for KTM and Husaberg)
010-ELV-119: Ignition Map Switch Installation (for Husaberg)
010-ELV-114: Ignition Map Switch Installation (for KTM and Husaberg)
010-ELV-116: Regulator/Rectifier Wiring Guide (for RR150 kits)
010-ELV-71: Regulator/Rectifier Wiring Guide
010-ELV-60: Trail Tech regulator/rectifier. For use with RW-KLW.
AC Regulator
010-ELV-106: AC Voltage Regulator Wiring Guide
JST Connectors
010-ELV-300: JST connectors - Tips on the small white Trail Tech connectors
010-ELV-76: Power Wire Harness (for 3600-PWH kits)
010-ELV-105: 3-Position Switch with Integrated Kill Switch Installation
010-ELV-153: 2-Position Rocker Switch Installation
Lights Instructions
LED Lights
010-ELV-159: 60MM LED Lights
010-ELV-160: 70MM LED Lights
010-ELV-165: Dual 70MM Led Light Kits
010-ELV-75: X2 Features and Wiring
010-ELV-77: X2 Mounting Using Down-Pins
010-ELV-78: X2 Installation and Wiring (for KTM 2000-2012 EXC/EXCR)
010-ELV-79: X2 Installation and Wiring (for Honda 250X/450X 2008-2016)
010-ELV-123: X2 Installation and Wiring (for KTM 2011-2012 SXF/XCF)
010-ELV-124: X2 Installation and Wiring (for KTM EXCF/XCW/XCFW 2012)
010-ELV-125: X2 Installation and Wiring (for Suzuki DRZ 2002-2007)
010-ELV-143: X2 Installation and Wiring (for KTM 2014-2016)
010-ELV-80: X2 Re-route Brake Line (Honda CRF450R 2009)
010-ELV-99: KTM Off-Road X2 Installation and Features
010-ELV-98: Dual-Sport X2 Features and Wiring
010-ELV-100: KTM Dual-Sport X2 Installation and Features
010-ELV-97: Dual-Sport X2 Aiming
010-ELV-174: X2 Dash Mod (KTM 690)
DIY Instructions
010-ELV-41: Stators (for 8250, 8252, and 8253 kits)