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X2 Headlight
Off-Road or Dual-Sport
Our X2 Halogen Headlight is the perfect choice for off-road racing or trail riding after dark. By combining a 2” spot beam with a 4” driving beam the X2 Halogen Headlight easily outperforms nearly any factory headlight. Choose between off-road or dual-sport versions depending on the type of riding you do.

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Model-Specific Kits
Plug and Play
Model-specific kits come with a wire harness carefully designed to fit your model. Mounts up like a stock light and plugs directly into the factory wiring harness. Universal kits come with a stub-connector with bare leads that can wire into any bike.
Cable Guide
Keep your affairs in order
Run your brake and wheel sensor cables through X2's unique cable guide. Reduces the rubbing that can occur during fork compression and heavy use.
X2 Stickers
Protect X2 and show support for Trail Tech
X2 decals are available in several colors. With VHB adhesive backing, they are easy to apply. Get in touch with us for the outline if you prefer to work with a 3rd party to make you own custom graphic stickers.
Down Pins
Secure connection to fender
X2 mounts securely. Two rubber straps wrap around the forks, and at the base two down-pins fix the light to the front fender.
  • Available in 5 Colors
Top Selling Off-Road Halogen Motorcycle Headlight
  • Available in 5 Colors
  • Double Ride Time
  • AC or DC Compatable
  • White    Most Popular
  • Black
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Blue
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Dual Sport Beam
Clipped beams
Dual-sport halogen has a clipped beam that keeps the light close to ground to avoid blinding oncoming traffic. The lamps are DOT approved for on-road use.
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Off-Road Beam
Full Coverage Lighting
Off-Road X2 features full reflectors that light up the entire environment. Sometimes it's important to see things higher up, such as oncoming tree branches that threaten to sweep you off the saddle.
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Fork Straps
X2 Mounting
X2 mounts with rubber straps that wrap around the forks. They work great to give a little play and stabilize the physics of the front end.
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Power Wire Harness
Installation Wiring
If you opt for a universal X2 kit, you can also pick up a universal power wire harness. It already includes an inline fuse and 3-position light switch with an integrated kill switch. Model-specific X2 kits come with model-specific wiring components.
X2 Motorcycle Headlight
X2 is a proven headlight that gives a stock look and solid performance.
X2 Decal Stickers
Add a decal to X2. Show your support for Trail Tech and keep X2 looking great. The decal is high quality gloss vinyl with 3M VHB adhesive.
Rock Guards
Rock guards are an optional accessory for X2 that looks good and protects from rocks and flying debris. (Not required to run X2 safely, the lamp glass is extremely durable.)