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Voyager Pro Software Updates

Voyager Pro's firmware & maps can be updated via the MicroSD card.

A firmware update is an upgrade to the user interface and the code backbone. It could refine the interface or introduce entirely new features.
Download Firmware Version

A map data update adds maps for different regions or parts of the world. Maps are very large and detailed, so the whole world cannot be loaded all at once. The data can include specialized layers like hill shading, topo-lines, and satellite imagery. A map style update changes the way the map looks on the map screen. After loading new map styles and map data, activate them by tapping the Layers icon on the map screen's mini-menu.
Maps Download:
USA (21.5gb)
Australia (8.3gb)
South America (28.2gb)
Mars (121.5gb)

Software & Map updates will be released on this page and can be transferred to Voyager Pro via the MicroSD card.