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Dirt Bike

Trail Tech has a long history of putting digital gauges on dirt bikes. We offer model-specific kits for each bike, setting you up with the cleanest installation available.  All Trail Tech gauges can fit on an off-road motorcycle: Vapor is a popular choice, with the tach bar graph, use Endurance II if space is very tight, or upgrade to the Voyager Pro GPS for trail mapping and group rides.

To find the right kit for your bike, put your bike's MAKE-MODEL-YEAR into the vehicle selector at the top of site. After clicking Search, a list of kits that fit your bike should appear. If your bike is not listed, try selecting "*MY VEHICLE IS NOT LISTED" as your bike. We have several kits aimed at universal applications (*112, *113, and *116 kits depending on the temperature sensor you need.)

Still confused? That's ok, we're here to help. Email our tech support line the make and model of your bike, and we will suggest the correct kit for you.


Adventure Bike

Adventure sport bikes bring confidence and capability to the trail. The full line of Trail Tech gauges are viable for adventure bikes, from the compact ENDURANCE II to the full featured VOYAGER PRO with group ride BUDDY TRACKING and topographic base maps.

Trail Tech offers model-specific kits for adventure bikes. Use the model-select bar at the top to find the kit that comes with sensor components tailored to your model. If you can't find your model listed, it is because it's able to use one of our universal kits (*-112 kits are for bikes with a 22mm inner-diameter radiator hose, *-113 kits are for bikes with a 25mm inner diameter radiator hose, or go for a *-116 kit which has a 12mm cylinder head temperature sensor for air-cooled bikes.)



Voyager Pro changes the whole ride experience on a UTV. The group ride Buddy Tracking system means you can get further away from the group, while retaining confidence of everyone's position. To avoid looking down while driving, mount the gauge in the driver's line of sight. The best places are at the top of the dashboard or on the ROPS cage.

UTVs use the Voyager Pro kit 922-125. UTV Voyager Pro kits come with a RAM ROPS mount, but you can use any mount from the full line of RAM mounts. Other Trail Tech gauges, like the Vapor tachometer, also work to add custom functionality to your ride: you will want *-114 kits for those. Use the bike selector at the top of the page, or if you still need help, get in contact with us.


Naked Bike

Trail Tech gauges bring extra functionality to the sometimes basic controls of naked bikes and street eaters. The whole line of Trail Tech gauges are viable depending on your needs: ENDURANCE II is the minimum to add a simple speedometer and distance ticker, STRIKER is still small but will monitor the battery voltage, VAPOR adds an animated tachometer bar graph, or step up to color maps with VOYAGER PRO. Being an off-road focused gauge, VOYAGER PRO does not offer turn-by-turn in the traditional sense, instead opting for GPX track logging and planning. If seeing your icon on the map is enough for you (not to mention all of your buddies' location icons) then VOYAGER PRO could be a best fit. The TTO mini-gauges are another option to add a subtle, out-of-the-way yet rugged readout.

Street bikes and cruisers are all fairly similar, and so we are able to offer "universal" kits for them with a VHB-based wheel sensor. The primary piece of information you need to select the right kit is the temperature sensor size: *-112 kits are for bikes with a 22mm inner-diameter radiator hose, *-113 kits are for bikes with a 25mm inner diameter radiator hose, or go for a *-116 kit which has a 12mm cylinder head temperature sensor for air-cooled bikes.



Trail Tech offers model-specific digital gauge kits for 4-wheelers and ATVs. Many ATVs come from the factory with missing or sub-par digital dashboards, but Trail Tech is here to help. Our full line of gauges works great with ATVs, enabling riders with the extra information they need to upgrade their riding experience.

ATV frame designs vary wildly, so Trail Tech offers kits with customized components. To choose the correct kit, use the vehicle selector bar at the top of the site. If you can't find your model listed, there is still a very good chance we can make something work. Contact us at and let us suggest an appropriate kit.



Voyager Pro's maps and group ride features add a lot to the snowbike experience. In white-out terrain it's easy to get turned around. The Voyager Pro BUDDY TRACKING system helps to keep you oriented with the terrain and your ride group.

Li-Ion batteries, like the ones in mobile phones and Trail Tech gauges, get a little slow when it's cold out. At around freezing, 30°F, the batteries have a hard time re-charging BUT they will happily run all day when plugged into the vehicle's electric system. At about 0°F the batteries will fail to charge altogether. This effect can be reduced by keeping the battery a little warmer than the surrounding air. For instance, keep the gauge in a warm location like the truck or your jacket until ready to ride, or make sure some engine heat wafts on it. Set the charge mode to ALWAYS, lock the dock to prevent loss, and go ride!

To use Voyager Pro on a snow bike, get the kit for that same model dirt bike. On snowbikes, GPS speed is used rather than wheel speed (there's no wheel.) The kit will arrive with the correct temperature sensor, tach sensor, and power wire for your bike. The kit comes with plastic handlebar clamps for mounting. Voyager Pro is compatible with RAM mounts, and CNC'd aluminum protectors are also available.



Much like snowbikes, snowmobiles gain a lot from Trail Tech gauges. With GPX trail sharing, BUDDY TRACKING, and the EMERGENCY BEACON, VOYAGER PRO features add the oversight you need to ride with confidence in a world of snow (not to mention it helps you control the tunes from the media screen: to command the soundtrack of your ride.)

Snowmobiles use the Voyager Pro universal snowmobile kit 922-122: this kit uses GPS speed (snowmobiles have no wheels, so no wheel sensor included), and brings 3 differently sized temperature sensors for maximum applications. Also included (as with all Trail Tech gauge kits) are a tachometer sensor, power wire, plastic handlebar mounting hardware, V2V antenna, hot swap dock, etc.


Custom Builds

Doing a custom vehicle? Even if we don't list it, there's a very good chance one of our kits will fit with the vehicle you're working on. Our products are ruggedized for a high-vibration off-road environment, so chances are they will stand up to your project. We also offer universal indicator light accessories to help build out customized dashboards. Still confused after looking at our website? Call our tech support line and let us try to help.