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Extend the daytime and be seen anytime you ride with a set of Trail Tech’s LED auxiliary lights. These sleek low profile LED lights are built to last with premium powder coated aluminum housings. The post mount design allows easy installation on your motorcycle, UTV, ATV, truck or snow machine. The 60mm version uses less watts and has an integrated switch, while the 70mm version is brighter, with three wires for use with a handlebar switch.

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Hardened Housings
Built to Stand the Test of Time
Trail Tech LED lights are built to last thousands of hours. The glass lenses are extremely durable to protect the lamps for rocks and flying debris. The robust anodized billet aluminum housing promotes efficient heat management.
LED Lasts Longer
LED lights demand less power and last longer with ultra low power consumption. 60mm lights use 10 watts and the 70mm lights only use 25 watts. Lifespan reaches into the 1000's of hours.
Be safe... be seen!
Running Lights
In full sunlight or night riding, LEDs make the perfect SEE-ME running lights.
Quality Connections
Off-Road Caliber
70mm lights come with a quick-release connector meant to be wired to the bike using a 3-position handlebar switch. 60mm lights have an embedded rubber push switch and bullet connectors ready to wire in anywhere. A fuse in the line is recommended, and comes with the dual-light kits.
  • 60mm Aux Lights
LED Aux Lights
Each LED light easily cuts through the darkness with impressive luminous flux.
  • 60mm Aux Lights
  • 70mm Aux Lights
  • Hardened Features
  • 1050 Lumens at 10 Watts
  • 3 Brightness Modes
  • Brilliant Light with Concentrated Beam
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70mm Aux Lights
2500 lumens at 30 watts
2 brightness modes controlled by external switch (included in dual-aux kits). Aluminum reflector with vacuum metal deposition creates the most accurate spot beam.
screen 2
60mm Aux Lights
1000 lumens at 10 watts
3 power modes controlled by integrated push button switch on the back of the light. The anodized billet aluminum housing promotes better heat management.
Frame Mounts
Available for a variety of sizes that fit handlebars to roll cages. Place your aux lights in the ideal position.
Light Switches
Dual aux kits come with a switch harness, while single light kits do not. Consider adding a handlebar mounted switch to control the lights. 3 position + kill, or 2 position rocker switches are available.