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Performance Flywheels
Edit Power Delivery
Trail Tech flywheels feature powerful magnets that increase the output of the electrical system. They are individually machined and balanced to allow the driveshaft to spin smoothly. Some flywheels add weight to increase traction and control.

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Machined and Balanced
Precision Balancing
Trail Tech flywheels are individually machined and balanced in-house. Balancing allows the engine driveshaft to run smoothly. The flywheel spins around the stator wires, exciting molecules with the magnetic field... creating electricity!
High Strength
For-Lighting Flywheels
High strength magnets can cause the system to generate extra energy. You can use the extra watts to run more electrical accessories like a powerful headlight, or a pair of aux lights. High strength flywheels should be paired with a corresponding Trail Tech stator that can handle the extra charge.
Adding Weight
Heavier than Stock
Adding weight to a flywheel means it will need more inertia from the drive shaft to start and stop spinning. This can smooth out power delivery and increase torque. Reducing the flywheel's weight increases snap and throttle response.
  • Machined and Balanced
Performance Flywheels
Premium Quality Magnets
  • Machined and Balanced
  • High Strength Magnets
  • Individually Machined
  • Precision Balanced In-House
  • Balancing Allows the Engine Driveshaft to Run Smoothly
Performance Flywheels
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