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8" Race light
Our 8” Halogen Race Light is designed for wide open terrain and high speeds. With a durable aluminum frame and hardened glass reflector this light weighs less than 5 lbs, and is built to withstand anything you throw its way!

Shop 8" Race Light
Works on AC or DC power
Power Up!
1700 eye-splitting lumens of projection.
Hardened Construction
The tough frame and hardened glass can take any brutal punishment you can dish out. With quality in the automotive range, you can be sure the glass will be the least of your worries come race day.
Lifestyle with the 8"
Let's Ride
Get out and go, the 8" can give you such a presence on the road that auto drivers will never miss you, guaranteed.
  • Highlights
8” Race Light
  • Highlights
  • 55 Watt Model
  • 100 Watt Model
  • Hardened automotive front lens
  • Universal – Mounts to all standard forks in just minutes
  • Compatible with all AC or DC electrical systems
  • Uses standard H1 bulb
  • Just 4 lbs
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Race Light Beam
Automotive Quality
The 8" Race Light uses automotive quality H1 halogen lamps. It is designed for desert racing, long distances and speeds over 50 mph.
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Red Adjust Knob
Tilt for Attack Angle
The large red knob on the top is used to quickly adjust the angle of the light beam. Point it more downward for slower riding, or up if you are really moving fast.
8" Racelight
Go Fast!
Anodized Cable Guide
This optional accessory holds the brake cable and wheel sensor cable away from race light. Reduces the line rubbing that normally occurs when the forks compress.