KTM Thermostat bypass 4 Stroke temperature sensor


Temperature sensor for KTM models with OEM thermostat. Removal of thermostat is required to install this sensor. This is required for certain models which do not have enough room in the coolant hoses to install an inline sensor. Benefits are increased coolant flow and can help prevent overheating. (Thermostat replacement is BLACK in color)

KTM Thermostat bypass 4 Stroke temperature sensor


Thermostat bypass temperature sensor fits:

KTM 2008-2012 400/450/500/530 XC-W/EXC

KTM 2012 250/350/450/500 EXC-F/XCF-W

Quick Overview

Engine Temperature Water Cooled Machines

Thermostat Replacement Inline

Physical Features
Wire Length 550mm
Diameter 19mm (0.75")

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Sensor Installation 010-ELV-121