Trail Tech Stators:
  • Trail Tech stators replace the OEM stator.
  • Trail Tech stators increase power output significantly.
  • All Trail Tech stators are custom made by Trail Tech, not purchased from bike manufacturers and rewound.
  • Because Trail Tech manufactures stators from scratch, a superior level of craftsmanship, performance and value is achieved.

  1. Electrical System kits contain regulator/rectifiers and model-specific connectors.
  2. Replacement Stators are sold with no accessories. Regulator/rectifier and battery sold separately.
  3. Designed for use with Trail Tech regulator/rectifiers.
  4. Trail Tech stators increase power output significantly.
  5. Trail Tech stators will not function in a DC system without a Trail Tech regulator/rectifier. AC power is not available for accessories when using the Trail Tech DC regulator/rectifier.
  6. AC systems may use a Trail Tech or OEM regulator along with a Trail Tech stator.
  7. DC systems will not function without a battery or capacitor in the system.
  8. Eliminate the dimming effect often experienced when an AC powered machine is idling or shifting between gears by converting to DC power.

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  1. Stator Kit

    100 Watt High Output DC Electrical System for 2008-2016 Two Stroke KTMs with Electirc Start and2011-2014 Husaberg Two Stroke TE250/300 and Husqvarna TE250/300 2014-2015


    Fits: KTM 08-16 2stk 250/300 XC/XC-W  (2008 XC Model requires S-8300-WK and Battery)
    KTM 13-16 200 XC-W 
    KTM 150 XC-W 2017
    Husaberg 11-14 2stk TE250/300 
    Husqvarna 14-15 TE 250/300 
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