100 Watt High Output DC Electrical System for 2008-2016 Two Stroke KTMs with Electirc Start and2011-2014 Husaberg Two Stroke TE250/300 and Husqvarna TE250/300 2014-2016

Fits: KTM 08-16 2stk 250/300 XC/XC-W  (2008 XC Model requires S-8300-WK and Battery)
KTM 13-16 200 XC-W 
KTM 150 XC-W 2017
Husaberg 11-14 2stk TE250/300 
Husqvarna 14-16 TE 250/300 

Stator Kit


Fits: KTM 2stk 250/300 XC/XC-W 2008-2016 (2008 XC Model requires S-8300-WK and Battery)
KTM 200 XC-W 2013-2016
KTM 150 XC-W 2017
Husaberg 2stk TE250/300 2011-2014
Husqvarna TE 250/300 2014-2016
Includes: Stator and Switching Reg/Rec

•Trail Tech stators replace the OEM stator.
•Trail Tech stators increase power output significantly.
•Custom made by Trail Tech, not purchased from bike manufacturers and rewound.
•DC stators compatible with Trail Tech lighting systems of equal or lesser power
•Manufactured with superior craftsmanship and performance for serious riders •Most kits are plug and play replacements. 

Quick Overview

Part NamePart Number
Regulator/Rectifier  7004-0041
Stator S-8302-00
ModelStock OutputWith Trail Tech SystemTrail Tech Stator
KTM 2 Stroke
2008-12 200 XC/XC-W
2009-14 250 XC/XCW
2008-14 300 XC/XCW
2013-14 200 XC-W
55W AC / 30W DC 100W DC SR-8312

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KTM Plug and Play 010-ELV-44
KTM 2 Stroke Stator 010-ELV-48