RideLeader GPS File Editor

View, edit and organize entire trail systems.

RideLeader allows you to modify your GPS files and view on several different map types.

Ride Leader Version 2.09

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  1. Import File Types: GPX, OSM, KML
  2. Export File Types: GPX, KML
  3. Waypoints: Mark points of interest
  4. Tracks: Blue color (places you have been, or roads)
  5. Routes: Orange color (places you want to go, or trails)
  6. Trail Systems: Quickly combine many tracks and routes into a single GPX file for upload to a mobile GPS unit, such as Trail Tech Voyager
  7. Rename tracks
  8. Editor Tab:
    1. Cut/split track segments
    2. Combine track segments
    3. Filter track points: In large track collections, reduce the overall number of points in the tracks so your mobile GPS unit will not be overwhelmed and run out of memory
  9. List Tab:
    1. Detailed Data: View information for individual track points (latitude, longitude, time)
  10. Maps Tab:
    1. Powered by Google Maps
    2. 4 Map Styles: Street Map, Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain
    3. Street View: Zoom in and look around in street-level 3D view
    4. Draw New Tracks: Make a new track by tracing a map
    5. Screenshots: Take screenshots to send to your friends
  11. Earth Tab:
    1. Powered by Google Earth
    2. 3D Earth: See your tracks in a full interactive 3D topographic environment - get a true view of elevation
    3. OHVtrails.net Embedded: view trails from OHVtrails.net from within RideLeader and quickly pull them into your local collection.


Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the install file by clicking on the 'Download Now' button at the top of this page.
  2. After downloading, double-click the file to install RideLeader. Easy!


System Requirements:

  1. Windows Operating System, XP or newer.
  2. Internet Explorer version 7.0, Internet Explorer 10 Recommended
  3. Google Earth v7.1 or newer installed



  1. RideLeader is guaranteed spyware, malware, and advertisement free.
  2. RideLeader has been designed to be very low impact on your system.
  3. RideLeader keeps it simple; providing a useful resource with minimum bloat.


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