Kickstand Foot


High-impact silver nylon Foot for use in round Trail Tech kickstand leg

Kickstand Foot


Replacement high-impact silver nylon foot for Trail Tech round kickstands.

Quick Overview

(1) Silver foot for use in round Trail Tech kickstand leg. 

Weight 0.1 lbs
Foot Aluminum re-enforced high impact nylon foot at base of stand

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Part number 5900-Foot (Silver) only fits the round Trial Tech kickstands

Part number 5925-foot (Black) only fits the square Trail Tech kickstands

1. With the kickstand arm mounted to the motorcycle hold the replacement foot near the insertion hole and note rotation to allow the foot to lay flat on the ground once installed.

2. Remove the kickstand arm from bike

3. Remove old foot. This is usually accomplished by putting the foot in a vise and inserting a long screw driver or arm in the pivot bolt mounting hole and twisting it loose while pulling. To ease removal of the foot heat can be applied to the leg with a heat gun.

4. Clean and remove all oils and residue form the new foot and the kickstand foot hole

5. Use threadlocker (Surlok 1270) on the entire ribbed area that fits into the kickstand cavity to “glue” the foot in place

6. To insert the foot we recommend using a press. Other methods can be used. Make sure the rotation is correct and push the foot into place until it is fully bottomed against the lower flange. IMPORTANT: ALWAYS USE EYE PROTECTION WHEN USING A PRESS OR HAMMER OPERATION.

7. Wipe clean all remaining loctite

8. Remount arm to bike and insure the rotation of the foot is correct. If not use a soft jaw vise to hold the foot and twist it to the correct rotation.

9. Allow 24 hours before use of the kickstand.