Motorcycle Chainsaw Mount

Chainsaw Rack/Mount for Stihl 192/193. *Chainsaw Not Included.

Motorcycle Chainsaw Rack/Mount for Stihl 192



CNC machined from durable polymer composite with aluminum mounting brackets and bar slot guard
Quick & easy to install and remove
Front fork mounting
Light weight (Stihl 192/193 w/fuel & oil + rack = <10lbs.)
Chainsaw quickly snaps-in to place & is easy to remove
Firmly & securely retains the chainsaw (no movement that could affect handling)
Designed for a perfect fit with the Stihl MS192/193 T-CE (professional grade arbor saw – $300)
Provision to attach chain bar scabbard
The best chainsaw rack/mount available…..period!
Made in the USA

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