60mm LED Universal Kit

Two Black 60mm LED Lights with 3/8 inch post mounts. Includes wire harness.

60mm LED Universal Kit


Set of Equinox LED 60mm Billet Lights with wiring harness and switch: 

Trail Tech’s 60mm LEDs are perfect for any riding adventure, not matter the conditions. Throwing out over 1,000 lumens brightness at only 10 watts, it is one of the most efficient lights on the market. Three power modes allow performance at any circumstance, from Hi mode for lighting up the night to Lo mode for daytime drive light. The anodized billet aluminum housing is durable and promotes better heat management. Aluminum reflector with vacuum metal deposition creates the most accurate spot beam. This versatile kit can fit on a wide variety of vehicles.

Quick Overview

Part NamePart Number
60mm LED   C112-SX
Wire Harness 040-WH7
Switch 040-LS-B
Optional Alternate Switches (Sold Separately)Part Number
600mm Lit Rocker Switch - Panel Mouth 040-LS-02
1800mm Lit Rocker Switch - Panel Mount 040-LS-03
Bullet Connector Rocker Switch - Handlebar Mount 040-HBS-01
Spade Connector Rocker Switch - Handlebar Mount 040-HBS-03
3-Position Rocker Switch - Handlebar Mount 040-HBS-05
Brightness Modes 3 (Hi - Med - Lo)
Brightness 1050 Lumens (Hi mode)
Beam Color 6000K
Beam Angle 10°
Mounting Options Solid Post
Housing Material Billet Aluminum
Housing Color Black
Front Lens Hardened Glass
Power Requirements 10-20V DC, Polarity Protected
Power Draw 10w (Hi) / 6w (Med) / 3w (Lo)
Minimum Lifespan 5,000 hours
Warranty 1 Year
Physical Dimensions 61 x 82mm
(2.4 x 3.2")
Physical Weight 11.5 oz. (324g)

If you don't find what you need in the following manuals and installations instructions, please feel free to contact our Tech Support


Instruction Manual 040-HID-MANUAL
60mm Overview 010-ELV-159