Voyager GPS Kit


Suzuki All Years SV 650

Voyager Main Screen


From accessory to necessity! The Voyager GPS allows you to create, log and ride trails, and when you are finished, share them with friends. You can also monitor the engine temperature, ambient temperature, distance, voltage, compass, elevation, and engine RPM. The 2.7” screen uses the most up-to-date technology for amazing viewing, even in direct sunlight.


Need to edit those trails? Voyager comes with free complimentary software RideLeader to help you create, edit and save those epic rides. Download your copy now!


Don’t know where to ride? Try Download trails around your home or at your next vacation destination. Be part of the community, upload and share your favorite trails for others to enjoy.


Protected by US Patent
Patent No. 8,708,205

Patent No. 8,848,356
Patent No. D635497
Patent No. D647434

Quick Overview

NOTE: This video does not show the installation of this kit, but does provide the overall concept of how to install Trail Tech Voyager and Vapor gauges

Part NamePart Number
Water Temp Sensor 25mm 7500-3076
Magnet Kit 704-01
Wheel Sensor 600-06
Mounting 9000-1000
Power Lead 9000-1011
Ignition Sensor 9000-1021
Micro SD Card Reader 9000-MSDA
Micro SD Card 9000-MSD2G
Speed SPD 0-999 MPH
Distance DST 0-250,000 mi
Altitude ALT 59,000 ft
Temperature ENG 0-260°C
Accum. Run Time CLOCK 0-1,000,000 hr
GPS Sample Rate TIME 1-5 sec
External Power Input 12V-60V DC
Internal Battery 3.7V 900 mAh Li-Ion
Power Wire Red/Black 20g Wire
Battery Life (typical use) 11 hours
Battery Life (100% Backlight) 6 hours
Battery Charge Time 3-8 hours
Geodetic Datum WGS84
GPS Chipset MediaTek MT3329
Joystick 5-Position High-Tactile
Wheel Sensor Non-contact Magnet Sensor
Temperature Sensor External Ambient
Engine Thermistor Sensors
Backlight LED Group
Screen 400x240 WQVGA LCD
68.6mm (2.7") Diagonal
58.8 x 35.3mm (2.3 x 1.4")
Physical Dimensions 113 x 62 x 28.2mm
(4.5 x 2.5 1.1") WHD
Physical Weight 6.1 oz. (172g) (0.38lbs)
Operation Temperature 0-60°C (32-140°F)
Storage Temperature -20-80°C (0-175°F)
Critical Engine Enviroment Amber/Red LED Alerts
Max Waypoints 300 waypoints
Max Track Points 72,500 points
Max Route Points 72,500 points
Max Tracks/Routes 300 each

If you don't find what you need in the following manuals and installations instructions, please feel free to contact our Tech Support


Speed Sensor Installation 010-ELV-06
Voyager Sensors 010-ELV-110
Voyager Quick Start 010-ELV-112
Voyager User Manual Manual
Tach Lead Installation 010-ELV-138