X2 Kit: HID - White - KTM

KTM 12-15 690 Enduro*
Husaberg 11-13 TE250/300**

*Stock KTM dash requires modification for X2 light to fit correct.
Click to View Modification Instructions.

**Off-Road Models with Factory Lighting, Carbureted models only.

Motorcycle Lighting


Trail Tech Eclipse X2 with model-specific KTM connectors.
For use with Trail Tech High Output DC Electrical System.

Compact, easy to use, and most of all bright! The Trail Tech HID X2 is the perfect choice for off road racing or trail riding after dark. At over three times the brightness of halogen, the HID X2 outperforms the typical stock headlight and creates daylight conditions even in the middle of the night. Customize your X2 with a wide range of Graphic Decals (sold separately). The rock guard (3600-RG) is compatible with the HID X2 headlight, but is not recommended when the light is in use. As HID lamps burn at a much higher temperature than halogen lamps, the rock guard can drastically reduce the life span of the lamps.

Model-specific KTM X2 HID lights require electrical system upgrade to ensure proper and enough DC power. AC power will damage this HID light.

Model-specific power wire harness 3600-SWHA included.

Quick Overview

Part NamePart Number
Head Shell 3600-RSH1
Mounting Straps 3600-MS
40w Ballast 36EB-40
30w Ballast 36EB-30
30W Lamp 36EL-2SBK
40W Lamp 36EL-2SBK
Brightness 3235 lm (Hi mode) / 1850 lm (Low mode)
Beam Color 5600K
Beam Angles 22° (Hi mode) / 12° (low mode)
Shell Color White
Front Lenses Hardened Glass
Power Requirements 12V DC, Polarity Protected
Power Draw 70w (all) / 40w (Hi) / 30w (Lo)
Minimum Lifespan 1,000 hours
Warranty 1 Year
Physical Dimensions 330 x 145mm
(12.8 x 5.7")
Physical Weight 1.7 kg (3.8lbs)

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HID Manual Manual
Features and Wiring 010-ELV-75
KTM X2 Installation 010-ELV-78
KTM 690 Modification Instructions 010-ELV-174